A Tailored Approach


A Tailored Approach

My approach to Estate Planning is largely based on my time working within the Orphans’ Court for Baltimore City and County as well my years of experience in private practice.  While clerking in the Orphans’ Court I saw how dying without a properly tailored Estate Plan can lead to many avoidable hardships for your loved ones.  In addition, I saw many instances where the deceased had a carelessly drafted Will which did not fully or effectively carry out their intentions.  These estates often fell into extensive, and expensive, litigation.

My experiences also allowed me to become immersed in the administrative procedures and specialized rules that govern probate.  I have since taken these experiences and used them in private practice to offer my clients a broad perspective on estate administration and planning.  I have worked with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, unique family dynamics, and varying financial goals.  Some are young families looking to have a plan in place to ensure that they have selected guardians for their young children.  Some are retired individuals who are looking to update their old estate plan.  Whether you’re married, single, widowed and regardless of the size of your wealth – an Estate Plan can help you and your loved ones better prepare for the future.

My Approach

A client’s Estate Plan should not be a “one-size” fits all approach.  Your Estate Plan should be well-crafted and individually tailored to fit your own wishes and family dynamics.  For those interested in probate administration, dealing with the loss of a loved one while having to navigate the probate process can be daunting for some.  Proper assistance requires a firm understanding not only of the law but also the emotional dynamics that are so often involved in the process.

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